Sesame is one of the oldest oilseed crop and important oil yielding crop with an oil content of 40 to 50 % and popularly known as “Til” or Gingelly. Depending upon the variety of seed they come in different colors like yellow, white black and red. Sesame is grown in almost all the states in large or small areas. It is also known as gingelly, til, benne seed and popularly as “Queen of Oilseeds” due to its high degree of resistance to oxidation and rancidity. Area under sesame cultivation in Andhra Pradesh was 47 lakh ha on an average APSSDCL producing and distributing 50-100 qtls /year.

Description of important varieties where APSSDCL organizing production as fallows.

S.NO Crop/Variety Duration Yield qtl/ha Special features
1 YLM-17 75 200 Seed color dark brown, tolerant to powdery mildew
2 YLM-66 88 320 Tolerant to powdery mildew