Production Details

Production Division overview

The initial production of corporation during the year 1976-77 was 31,833 qtls in the combined state of A.P, where as the production reached to 2.34 lakhs qtls during 2014-15 which is subsequently increased to 8.60 lakh qtls by the year 2018-19 and 9.54 during 2019 – 20. Corporation is planning for production of 10.30 lakh qtls of different crop/variety seeds during 2020 – 21. Undertake Foundation and Certified seed production with seed growers under grower’s programme during Kharif and Rabi / Summer seasons in almost all the 13 districts.

Salient Features

  1. Proper planning and execution of time bound seed Production of different crops by following perfect seed chain . Promoting location specific high yielding new varieties in all crops such as MTU-1075, MTU-1153, MTU-1156 and MTU-1121 in Paddy, LRG-52 in Redgram , Nbeg-49, Nbeg-119 in Bengalgram.etc., are produced for distribution in A.P.
  2. Sustainable growth of Andhra Pradesh farmers by providing best quality seeds The Quantum of complaints on quality of seed are considerably reduced.
  3. Increasing the income of farmers by providing best quality basic input seeds and encouraging farmers in production of Foundation Seed as well as Certified Seed through individual growers / SVP especially in Groundnut and Bengalgram crops.
  4. Quality seed production of pre-released and non notified varieties is being done in Collaboration with Universities, Research stations etc.
  5. Seed processing, packing and storage by adopting sophisticated automation technology.
  6. Maintenance of Seed Bank of F/s and C/s.
  7. Buffer seed stocking operations under BSSO to cater the immediate requirement of seed by farming community of Andhra Pradesh where natural calamities like floods, drought occurs in the state.
  8. Maintenance breeding activity of popularly grown paddy and pulse crop varieties to give genetically pure varieties to farmers.
  9. Implementing the best practices in cultivation for enhancement of productivity and thereby ensuring the well being of the farming community.
  10. Providing pure seed through seed quality control measures in all phases of the seed production and to enhance productivity, profitability and sustainability through innovation and commitment.

Brief Description Of Important Crop / Varieties Where APSSDCL Organizing Production As Follows

S.NO Crop/Variety Year of release Duration Grain type Special features
1 ADT-37 1987 105 Short bold Seed dormancy 60 days
2 ADT-39 1988 120-125 Medium slender Resistant to Blast and sheath rot
3 ADT-43 1988 110-115 Medium slender Resistant to Green Leaf Hopper
4 JYOTHI 1974 110-125 Red kernel, long bold Moderately tolerant to Brown plant hopper and blast
5 UMA 1998 125-130 Red Kernal, medium bold resistant to Brown plant hopper and GM Biotype-5. Dormancy up to 3 weeks
6 NLR-33892(PARTHIVA) 2006 150-155 Medium slender Tolerant to blast
7 NLR-34449(Nellore Mashuri) 2009 120-125 Medium Slender, Tolerant to blast, saline soils
8 NLR-30491(Bharani) 1996 120-125 Medium Slender, (RTV resistance)
9 NLR-4001 Minikits 140-145 Medium Slender, Tolerance to blast
10 MTU-1156(Tarangani) 2015 115-120 Medium Slender, tolerant to BPH and Blast, 2 weeks dormancy
11 MTU-1153(Chandra) 2015 115-120 Medium slender 2 weeks dormancy and high HRR
12 MTU-1121(SRIDHRUTI) 2015 120-125 Medium slender resistant to BPH and blast,
13 MTU-1075(Pushayami) 2008 135-140 Medium slender BPH tolerant, non-lodging
14 MTU-3626(PRABHAT) 1978 130-135 Coarse grain Tolerant to BLB
15 MTU-1061(INDRA) 2006 150-155 medium slender tolerant to BPH and salinity
16 MTU-1064(AMARA) 2009 150-155 medium slender tolerant to BPH, BLB & submergence,
17 MTU-7029(SWARNA) 1982 155-160 Medium slender low nitrogen responsive, bacterial blight tolerant
18 MTU-1001(VIJETHA)) 1995 130-135 Medium bold BPH and blast tolerant,
19 MTU-1010(COTTONDORA SANNALU 1999 115-120 Long slender high adoptability, tolerant to BPH and blast.
20 BPT-5204(SAMBA MASHURI) 1986 135-140 Medium slender Fine grain and best cooking quality
21 BPT-3291(sona mashuri) 1982 140-145 Long slender resistant to blast and tolerant to gallmidge
22 RNR-15048(Telangana sona) 2015 120-125 short slender tolerent to blast
23 RGL-2537(sklm sannalu) 1996 160-165 Long slender resistant to blast and tolerant to gallmidge
24 CR-1009(SAVITHRI) 1982 150-160 short bold resistant to blast

S.NO Crop/Variety Year of release Duration Special features
1 LRG-52 (AMARAVATHI) 2015 165-170 Moderately resistant wilt
2 LRG-41 2007 160-165 Tolerant to Pod Borer
3 ICPH-2740(Hybrid) 2015 180-185 Resistant to sterility mosaic and wilt.
1 IPM-2-14(SHREYA) 2010 60-65 Tolerant to YMV
1 PU-31 2005 70-75 Tolerant to YMV
2 LBG -752 2009 75-80 Tolerant to YMV
3 TBG-104 2016 75-80 Tolerant to YMV
4 IPU-2-43 2008 80 Tolerant to YMV
1 JG-11(DESI) 1999 95-100 resistance to fusarium wilt
2 NBEG-49(DESI) 2017 90-105 Tolerant to wilt
3 PKVK-2(KABULI) 2000 120-125 BOLD Seeded(kabuli)
4 NBEG119(KABULI) 2016 90-95 Large seeded ,kabuli variety.
1 K-6 2005 105-110 Tolerant to leaf spots
2 NARAYANI 2002 100 Drought tolerant
1 (Local)   70-75 Early duration matures in 70-75 days

S.NO Crop/Variety Year of release Duration Special features
1 KORRA -SIA3156 2012 85-90 Highly responsive to nitrogenous fertilizers
2 Ragi (VR 847) 2009 75-80 Moderately resistant to blast
3 Andu Korralu GPUBT 6 - 75-80 Resistant to rust
4 Samalu OLM 203 2015-16 80-85 Resistant to blast and grain smut. Non lodging, non shattering, long duration and high yielding, grains have superior qualities for value addition.
5 Udalu CO 2 2009 25-30 Long, cylindrical shaped compact panicles, brownish gray coloured, bold grains