Apssdc Ltd Vijayawada Activities Of Marketing Division

Different Crop/ Variety seeds are manufactured by the AP State Seeds Development Corporation with the Brand name “APSEEDS” which is very popular among the farming community of AP and also neighbouring states for the last 4 decades. The Corporation is catering the seed needs of farmers especially in high volume and low value crops like Paddy, Pulses, Oil seeds and Millet crop seeds.80% of Paddy seed requirement, 100% of Groundnut, Bengal gram and Green manure seed requirement of the farmers of the State is being met by the APSSDCL and established its Brand image in A.P., and neighbouring states.Preparation of seed supply plan for Kharif & Rabi seasons in accordance with the seed indents received from the Special Commissioner of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur, based on the previous year’s sales.

Positioning of Certified/ quality seed of different Crop/ Variety seeds in sale points well in advance before commencement of distribution time based on the bulk indents received from hubs and in consultation with the Joint Director of Agriculture of the concerned districts for distribution to the farmers under different subsidy schemes of GOI as well as Government of A.P.,The Corporation is having very good tie up with Transportation agencies like APSRTC & Private transporters on contract basis, as such the timely positioning of seed is being possible so as to meet the requirement of the farmers of the state within the stipulated time.

APSSDCL, being the Nodal agency for supply of different Crop/ variety seeds, sub-serves the State Department of Agriculture in ensuring the supply of certified/ quality seed of Paddy, Other cereals, Millets, Oil seeds, Pulses and Greenmanure crop seeds to the farmers and also in accelerating the spread of High yielding varieties/ Hybrids in Maize, Jowar, Bajra etc.,.The Corporation is also supporting the Agricultural Research Station of the state by promoting their notified newly released varieties and popularising among farming community of state.

Appointment of Dealers/ Developing Distributor network for conducting sales so as to make the seeds available at the vicinity of the farmers.

Fixation of crop wise Service Charges and Dealer Discounts to be released to the Dealers/ Distributing agencies of the Corporation.

The Corporation is having an extensive network of about 1000 distribution points located at village level/ Cluster level/ Mandal level outlets of different Government agencies like ARSK’s (8 counters), PACS (374 counters), DCMS (99 counters), MGC(155 counters), APSEEDS outlets (19 counters), MAO counters (272 counters) and Private dealers (73 counters) in 13 districts.

Monitoring of sales in the districts with the concerned APSSDCL units on daily basis, compilation and submission of the same to the State Department of Agriculture/ Special Commissioner of Agriculture, A.P.

Implementation of various subsidy schemes of Government of India as well as State Government such as NFSM Summer pulses, NFSM Cluster, NFSM Rice Field Bunds, NFSM Crop Diversification, NMOOP, NMSH, Cluster Demonstrations, Block Demonstrations, SVP, Mesta Commercial Crops, Poly Cropping, Contingency, Flood Damage etc.,.

Obtaining Utilisation Certificates along with list of beneficiary farmers from the concerned MAO’s, for onward submission of the same to JDA for issue of final Utilisation Certificate, based on which the subsidy amounts are claimed from the Special Commissioner of Agriculture, Government of A.P., duly submitting the Invoice bills for the seeds distributed in D-Krishi app and the U.C’s quantity issued by the JDA of the concerned district.

Monitoring the collection of pending Non-Subsidy and Subsidy dues.Sales promotion activity through advertisement.Arranging payments to seed for distribution companies who have supplied seed to the Corporation for distribution.

In addition to subsidy sales, Corporation will monitor the general sales also through its own counters/ dealers.

Inter State marketing is being done in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Telangana etc., states and about 7.89 Crores of Inter State seed business was done during 2019-20

Distributed about 4.32 Lakh Quintals of different Crop/ Variety seed during 2014-15 which is increased to 9.54 lakh Quintals during 2019-20.

In order to cater the seed needs of the farmers, the Government of A.P. intends to make all Agri related Inputs to be available at the vicinity of the farming community at one place in a village for which RBK’s are been introduced from Kharif-2020 onwards. Nearly 11,000 RBK’s at village level are been established in the villages for distribution of Agri Inputs to the needy farmers on subsidy rates.

Being the Nodal agency for supply of seed, the APSSDCL arrange positioning of seed in RBK’s both for subsidy sales and Non-Subsidy sales.