Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading seed producing States in the country. The extensive network of seed growers all across the state, with a rich tradition of seed production and varietal improvements has enabled a strong core production of crops at comparatively lower costs with higher yields per unit. To consolidate and further improve quality seed production in the State and with a view to effectively implement the National Seed Project in Andhra Pradesh, the AP State Seeds Development Corporation Limited was established on 26th March, 1976 with an authorized capital of Rs.500 Lakhs and an issued capital of Rs.400 Lakhs.

The APSSDCL was set up with active joint participation of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of India through National Seeds Corporation, and shareholder farmers of the State. The Government of Andhra Pradesh extended equity support of Rs.107.51 Lakhs (38.99%) and the Government of India, through National Seeds Corporation Limited, extended equity support of Rs.90.00 Lakhs (32.64%) and Shareholder seed growers have invested equity of Rs.78.21 Lakhs (28.37%) in setting up the Corporation. Grants-in-aid were released by the World Bank through Government of India under the National Seed Project III, besides which the Corporation has been receiving financial assistance in the form of Grants-in-aid for infrastructural development through establishing seed Go-downs, Processing Units and field Offices.

The main objective of the Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Limited is to produce good quality seeds for timely supply to the farmers in the State at reasonable prices. The Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation Limited sub-serves the Department of Agriculture in meeting the seed requirements of the State of Andhra Pradesh, apart from sustainable varietal replacements and introduction of high yielding hybrids and varieties for increased agricultural productivity. It is also an important task for the Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation to ensure the availability of seed to meet contingent situations like drought or flood, so the farming community can access alternate crops and ensure food security.

The APSSDCL was demerged in the year 2014 due to bifurcation of the State. The equity support after demerger is Government of India Rs.52.49 Lakhs (34%), Government of Andhra Pradesh Rs.62.70 Lakhs (40%) and Grower Shareholders Rs.41.21 Lakhs (26%). The APSSDCL is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 10 Directors. All the Directors are appointed once in 3 years according to the Principle of proportional representation. The number of Directors appointed by each class of shareholders is in proportion to the paid-up Capital held by that class, and at present 4 directors each are appointed by Government of A.P. and National Seeds Corporation Ltd., and 2 directors represent Grower Shareholders. The Special Chief Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh (Agriculture & Co-operation Department) is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. The day-to-day Administration is looked after by the Vice-Chairperson & Managing Director.