Engineering Activities

  1. The Engineering activities of the Corporation starting with project planning, purchase of seed processing machines, erection of plant, buildings and storage godowns and repair and maintenance of civil, machinery and electrical works.
  2. Correspondence with NSC, Government of India and State Government and other organizations for establishment of Seed Processing Plants under different schemes that comes up from time to time.
  3. Acquisition of Lands, Planning and Design of Seed Processing Plants and Godowns.
  4. Civil Works to the New Projects based on the Data and estimates and finalization of Tenders etc.,
  5. Preparation of drawings and estimates to the newly constructed godowns and new service connections to the seed processing plants/godowns to take up the Industrial and lighting Electrification.
  6. Repairs and Maintenance of buildings, vehicles and seed processing machines, lab equipment, germinators etc.
  7. Condemnation of old equipment and old vehicles.
  8. Construction of Godowns and Office Buildings etc.
  9. Hiring of Godowns, Office Buildings and Vehicles as and when needed.
  10. Insurance of Stocks, Vehicles, Processing Plants, Godowns, Office buildings, Packing material etc.,
  11. Service contracts for weighing equipment’s, fire extinguishers, Air conditioners and lab equipment etc.
  12. Pollution control board, Inspector of factories, license renewals.
  13. Electrical power supply HT/LT yearly maintenance.
  14. Mobilization of staff and equipment from time to time and place to place depending on the processing requirement.
  15. Taking up of Custom processing.
  16. Review and Taking Advance Action of seed processing machines spare parts requirement and repair and maintenance of processing plants.
  17. To ensure the optimum utilization of installed capacities and ensure availability of timely and adequate power supplies etc., so as to minimize the cost of processing.
  18. Preparation of Budget estimates and preparation of Agenda Notes to Board pertaining to purchase of new equipment and Launching of new projects etc.,
  19. Purchase of seed processing machines (pre cleaners, fine cleaners, gravity separators, De-stoners, wet and dry treatment machines, elevators, bins, generators etc.,) and erection of equipment.
  20. Appointing transport contractors through tenders for transport of seeds.