Red gram is commonly known as Tur or Arhar (Pigeon pea) in India and is the second important pulse in the country after gram (chana). The ability of red gram to produce high economic yields under soil moisture deficit makes it an important crop in rain fed and dry land agriculture. Redgram is an important rain fed crop in the state of Andhra Pradesh cultivated in 2,40,000 ha. Main growing season is kharif. It is an integral component of various cropping systems and is grown sole or as an intercrop with groundnut, millets, cotton and other pulses. It is consumed on a very large scale in South Asia and is a major source of protein for the population of the Indian subcontinent. It is the primary accompaniment to rice or roti and has the status of staple diet throughout the length and breadth of India. Annually APSSDCL producing and distributing 6,000-7,000 qtls in various subsidy schemes through department of agriculture

Description of important varieties where APSSDCL organizing production as follows.

S.NO Crop/Variety Year of release Duration Yield qtl/ha Special features
1 LRG-52 (AMARAVATHI) 2015 165-170 15-18 Moderately resistant wilt
2 LRG-41 2007 160-165 12-15 Tolerant to Pod Borer
3 ICPH-2740(Hybrid) 2015 180-185 15-16 Resistant to sterility mosaic and wilt.