Kidney beans is also known as the chilli bean because of its dark red color and the visually resemblance the shape of a kidney. Kidney beans are a good source of protein also it is excellent source of molybdenum. It contain good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre. Rajma is a popular dish from the North Indian cuisine made from red kidney beans. Photo insensitive, Flat, green straight pods. Seeds light brown, oblong and large. Seed yield min 1400— 1500 kg./ha, Duration 70-75 days. Pod Yield 20 t/ha area under Rajma in Andhra Pradesh was 10,000 ha and mainly cultivated in the tribal zones of Visakhapatnam district. On an average APSSDCL was procuring and distributing 2500-3000 qtls chintapalli local variety under subsidy schemes.

Description of important varieties where APSSDCL organizing production as follows.

S.NO Crop/Variety Duration Special features
1 Rajama (Chintapalli Local)   Early duration matures in 70-75 days