Groundnut is called as the ‘King’ of oilseeds. It is one of the most important food and cash crops of our country. While being a valuable source of all the nutrients, it is a low-priced commodity. Groundnut is also called as wonder nut and poor men’s cashew nut. Groundnut is one of the most important cash crops of our country. It is a low-priced commodity but a valuable source of all the nutrients. The area under groundnut crop in Andhra Pradesh was 7.47 lakh hectares from both kharif and rabi seasons. APSSDCL produced and distributed 2.3 lakh qtls groundnut K-6 variety seed during 2019-20 season . Among the major groundnut producing states of India Gujarat stands first place in area and production of groundnut followed by Andhra Pradesh. Seventy percent of the area and seventy five percent of the production has been concentrated in the four states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Groundnut is raised mostly as a rain fed Kharif crop, being sown from May to June, depending on the monsoon rains. In some areas, or where the monsoon is delayed, it is sown as late August or early September.

Description of important varieties where APSSDCL organizing production as follows.

S.NO Crop/Variety Year of release Duration Yield qtl/ha Special features
1 K-6 2005 105-110 18-24 Tolerant to leaf spots